Emergency Dentistry

Dental Emergency Services

Dental injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. Maybe you chipped a tooth while sipping your morning cup of coffee, or an elbow to your face during the big game resulted in a broken jaw. Perhaps you’re having trouble sleeping at night due to a terrible, throbbing toothache. Whatever your dental emergency may be, the team at The Stein Dental Group is here to help.

Immediate Care When You Need It Most

We offer same-day appointments for patients suffering from a wide range of dental emergencies. We can fix chipped, broken, cracked, loose, and knocked out teeth, as well as toothaches, broken jaws, and any other dental ailment that is causing you pain. Don’t spend time suffering from a dental injury. Instead, visit The Stein Dental Group for immediate relief and to protect your smile for the future. Please call us today to schedule your appointment!

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